Euro-Dance is My Muse

One thing I have noticed the past couple years is how much I am addicted to Euro-Dance music.  I really don’t know why I am, but there is just something about that constant beat.  I have told many of my friends how obsessed I am with it, but I really don’t think they truly understand.

For me, dance music is an asset whether I am working out, getting ready for my day, having a party, traveling, or even zoning out while traveling.  When I listen to dance basically everything around me goes dark and I am engulfed in this place where all things  are great.  I mean, I am pretty sure this is a healthy addiction right?

I really think it is these moments that my mind is most creative.  Hearing how one beat can be mixed with many different songs across one track is just downright awesome and gets my mind thinking out of the box.  To me, dance music isn’t just something to listen to while throwing back a few beers, it is a work of art.

For those of you who may not be familiar with that much dance music, check out the videos below.  Some of these videos are pretty old but still awesome!

Alexandra Burke – “All Night Long”

DJ Visage – “The Return”

Erika – “I Don’t Know”


I would DIE without music; seriously!  Leave your favorite Euro-Dance tracks in a comment below please!


My Views on Spotify

Image representing Spotify as depicted in Crun...

So the news that Spotify is available here in the United States is old, however I still thought I would share what my views on the service is.  About 1.5 months ago I was invited to join Spotify prior to it being available to everyone.  I really like the fact that it is very similar to iTunes in the page layout and functionality.  It is also good because you can find just about any artist on there and you can listen to an artist’s entire album for free!  There are obviously ads associated with the free service and it does limit you to 10 hours per month.  If you wish to listen to it more than that you’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription.

For me, I will never purchase a monthly subscription to Spotify.  While I am a huge music fan I honestly do not purchase enough music to justify the monthly subscription price. For me it is easiest to just preview all the songs using Spotify, GrooveShark, or YouTube, and then if I really like them I buy them on iTunes.  Call me thrifty….  🙂

On the other hand, a Spotify subscription is great for those who purchase a lot of music on a monthly basis.  For these types you just have a monthly fee and can access your music from anywhere.  One thing I am skeptical of though is after you have paid your monthly subscription, for let’s say a year, and you then cancel your membership, I am pretty sure you will have nothing to show for it.  While you will still have your playlists, you will not have any downloaded music with which you can do as you wish.  If someone knows more about this, please leave a comment!

Overall, I think Spotify is the music version of Netflix, a premium subscription is great if you listen to a ton of music and can justify the monthly cost; not that it is very expensive, but still.

Effective Music Marketing

Music is something that most of us have been listening to ever since we were a child.  There are certain songs that bring back certain memories every time we hear them.  Maybe these memories can be something as simple as the person who introduced you to the song, or even a song that describes the bond you have with someone else.  For these reasons, music is very important to many people and can actually be a very important piece of an effective marketing campaign.

A very common music marketing method is in retail stores.  You know those stores that play obnoxiously loud music?  Well, there is a reason for it.  They want you to hear it.  The reasoning goes as follows.  If you hear a song while having some kind of experience or in a certain atmosphere (either good or bad), when you hear that song later down the road, whether you actually realize it or not, you can actually have a mental recall of the first time you heard that song and thus bringing you back to that experience in the store, and hopefully increasing the chance of “brand recall.”

The same idea goes for Christmas carols.  When you hear your favorites, it most likely brings back memories of the holiday season from your childhood.  Feelings that are yours, often emotional, that you relate to.  If this Christmas carol is playing in a store, you may actually be more willing to buy something because inside you feel the store can now “relate” to you.

The power of music is incredible and with the 2012 Olympics less than one year away I would like to share a very effective piece of music marketing.  The 1984 Olympic Theme by John Williams.  This particular piece is so great because it stirs personal feelings of national pride, strengths, motivation, and achievement.  And the best part, there aren’t even lyrics!