Getting Settled in Portland, OR

Well it’s official I have now been living in Portland, OR just over 3 months now.  Looking back 6 months I think it is crazy how many things have changed.  Here are some updates for you:

  • I am living in a great apartment with an awesome roommate in Northwest Portland.  By far one of the best neighborhoods in the city.  To this day I am still finding new shops and hole-in the wall restaurants.  Turns out there is a French bakery just a stone throw away from me! 🙂
  • My new job is allowing me the ability to travel.  I have already been to Las Vegas twice and heading to Austin next week!  I had never been to either of these places before.  Best of all, I actually came out a winner in Vegas; yea blackjack! 
  • Lastly I have been keeping pretty loyal to the gym and really working on achieving a few fitness goals.  So far they are going well, even though I succumbed to purchasing a box of Girl Scout Cookies today.  They get me every time!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • Meeting new friends. Since my old home wasn’t too far from Portland I already have a handful of friends up here but as I grow as a person I look forward to expanding my circle. Hell, maybe I’ll even find a relationship! (fingers crossed)
  • Getting involved with a local organization.  I believe it’s important to be involved with philanthropic activities.  If anyone  knows of some good ones in here Portland let me know!

I feel that Portland will be a great place for me to grow both professionally and personally.  Can’t wait to see what is to come!


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