The Pendleton Round-Up 2011

Steer roping as part of the Pendleton Round-Up.

Being a native of Pendleton, I try to make it back to my original stomping grounds each year for the Pendleton Round-Up.  While I am home it’s great to meet up with a select group of friends and get all caught up.

Not only is the meetup with friends great, but let’s be honest, the Round-Up is a great opportunity to people watch.  City slickers one week, “cowboys” and “buckle bunnies” the next!  So you’re probably asking how I can spot these people?  Well, the “cowboys” are the ones wearing the brand new Wrangler jeans, boots without a scratch, and western shirt with the packaging folds still visible.  The “buckle bunnies” anybody could spot.  They are the ones wearing the little jean skirts, a shirt that doesn’t cover her midriff, and one of those plastic pink cowgirl hats.  You can usually find all of them staggering out of the Let’er Buck Room or The Rainbow (a local STRAIGHT bar on main street; yes, straight).

Now don’t get me wrong, while I may have painted a pretty bad picture in your mind of these people, I am really glad they are there.  After all, without the faux cowboys and buckle bunnies there wouldn’t be sufficient people watching for my taste.  These people make the Round-Up fun.

This year I wasn’t actually planning on attending the rodeo, but turned out I had some friends that had an extra ticket.  The ticket was for Saturday, the finals.  It was a great time; great company, great weather, and great beer!  I even ran into some people from Seattle that I met a few years ago.  They were the kind of people you would never expect to see at a rodeo, but that is just another reason why the Round-Up can be so much fun!

Check out some the videos of some of my favorite events!

Wild Cow Milking!

Indian Relay Race!

Not an event, but NIGHTLIFE!

All in all, I had a good time at the Round-Up this year.  Being a marketing person I was slightly upset that the bucking horse logo is starting to get replaced by “PRU” or just “RU.”  We will have to see how that works out.  :p

Pendleton Round-Up, if you haven’t been, GO!


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