Horse Race and a Hurricane!

A few weeks ago I traveled up to Saratoga Springs, NY to visit a good friend from college.  While I was up there I got to experience my first “real” horse race.  The horse race just so happened to be the biggest one of the season; Travers Day!

The horse race was a great time and unbelievably cheap!  For $5 I was able to enter the track and get seating on benches right in front of the fence.  Clubhouse seating is $10 and is within the covered stadium.  The nice part about the benches up front is that you can bring coolers full of your own favorite beverage at no cost!  Pretty good deal, and cheap entertainment, if you ask me!

Friends in Saratoga

While I didn’t bet on a horse (I mean, I don’t know anything about horse racing) I still had a great time!  In addition to the horse race it was a great time visiting Saratoga Springs as the downtown is pretty historic.  Lots of cool buildings to see, especially for someone like myself who grew up on the West coast.  Lots of great bars too!

The day following Travers I also got to weather the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.  While originally hoping to make it into NYC the following Sunday and Monday, all of the public train lines were flooded and thus we stayed in Upstate NY.  Overall a great trip with a great friend!


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