Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Are you kidding me!?

I think it’s great and all that Kim Kardashian has found “love,” but her wedding is absolutely ridiculous.  Reports are out that say her wedding cost approximately $10 million.  Better yet is the fact that due to exclusive photo coverage, announcements, and media coverage, the Kardashian Empire is expected to make over $17 million.

While I think it’s important for every bride out there to have a memorable experience, I feel this is just another example out of what is wrong with society.  I mean 50% of marriages fail; so assuming this marriage fails, the only thing gained is some economic activity for certain businesses.  In my opinion, instead of buying one cake for $15,000 they could have provided so much food for those starving in Libya… and that is only $15,000.  Just imagine what they could have done with $10 million, or even the $7 million+ NET GAIN they are getting off all this.

I sure hope right now the media is only focusing on the absurd amount of money involved with this wedding, and I hope that behind all of this there is some kind of charity involved.  After all, Will & Kate asked that instead of gifts all guests give to a charitable organization instead.

If the Kardashian Empire decided to give a substantial donation to some charity organization, at least they would be famous for something!  Right now the only good thing about the wedding is this video clip:


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