Effective Music Marketing

Music is something that most of us have been listening to ever since we were a child.  There are certain songs that bring back certain memories every time we hear them.  Maybe these memories can be something as simple as the person who introduced you to the song, or even a song that describes the bond you have with someone else.  For these reasons, music is very important to many people and can actually be a very important piece of an effective marketing campaign.

A very common music marketing method is in retail stores.  You know those stores that play obnoxiously loud music?  Well, there is a reason for it.  They want you to hear it.  The reasoning goes as follows.  If you hear a song while having some kind of experience or in a certain atmosphere (either good or bad), when you hear that song later down the road, whether you actually realize it or not, you can actually have a mental recall of the first time you heard that song and thus bringing you back to that experience in the store, and hopefully increasing the chance of “brand recall.”

The same idea goes for Christmas carols.  When you hear your favorites, it most likely brings back memories of the holiday season from your childhood.  Feelings that are yours, often emotional, that you relate to.  If this Christmas carol is playing in a store, you may actually be more willing to buy something because inside you feel the store can now “relate” to you.

The power of music is incredible and with the 2012 Olympics less than one year away I would like to share a very effective piece of music marketing.  The 1984 Olympic Theme by John Williams.  This particular piece is so great because it stirs personal feelings of national pride, strengths, motivation, and achievement.  And the best part, there aren’t even lyrics!


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