Why I Love & Hate Twitter’s Trending Topics

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

For those of you who are non-Tweeters, Twitter has a feature that lists the most frequent words or #hashtags at a given time.  These so-called  Trending Topics can be quite useful but can often times harmful.  Let’s break it down.

Let’s begin with the good things:

  1. Provide a snapshot view of the current things going on
  2. You can select which geographic area’s topics you would like to view (Worldwide, Your country, & City Specific)
  3. Provide an excellent way to find out breaking news before the media can even report it (This is actually how I found out about the death of (Amy Winehouse)
  4. Is an excellent way for marketers to promote their product or service
Now, the ugly side of Trending Topics:
  1. The best way for rumors to be spread (i.e. false celebrity deaths or other news)
  2. Trending prejudice (i.e. #PearlHarbor when Japan was defeating the US team during the women’s World Cup)
  3. People adding a trending topic to their tweet that isn’t relevant – SO ANNOYING!
While I enjoy Trending Topics, I feel like there many misguided people in the Twitterverse that just do not understand when it’s appropriate to use #hashtags.  For those you who are guilty of this, let’s keep it classy people!  Leave the spam, prejudice, and rumors in your mind!

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